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Enoete Inanga

Founder & Chief Transformation Officer
Enoete is a multidimensional entrepreneur with an innate penchant for putting more good into the world by virtue of inspiring and motivating more people to focus on attributes of value, both personally as well as for others. Stophy just happens to be one of the latest efforts towards this global goal, as he aims to empower these creative young minds to see beyond what they themselves were able to do, with a lil bit of transformative power, right here on Stophy!! Picture a world now where children all over have their artwork featured on bags, clothing, bed linen, phone cases, laptop cases, stickers, and much more. A world where children are proud owners of digital assets right from an early age. This world is what we can affectionately refer to as "The Stophyverse" 🙂

Adiaha Inanga

Chief Imagination Officer
Adiaha is the engine behind all of this movement to inspire and motivate young creative minds to vast possibilities that are being made possible on Stophy. Her precocious 6 year old creative mind is responsible for over 30 of the transformations featured in the gallery, and there is no stopping for her as she is often busy putting her imaginative mind on paper, with every intention for her art to be transformed into something wonderful.

This is a video of her creating one of her works of art, featured on the Stophy Gallery. She was recently featured on Studio 327 Inc., where she gave a glimpse of what motivates her and also created one of her pieces, right on set, seen below!

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