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1. Sign up!!

We would want you to sign up so that we both can keep everything organised in one location.  You will have access to your own dashboard, messaging, progress updates, and much more!! 

  • Sign up process

    What information do I need to sign up?

    Just your email address and a password. 


2. Upload Artwork

Create a project

Once you are signed up, you will be able to create a project by uploading artwork from your child.  

  • What happens next

    After uploading what happens?

    Once we receive your artwork, you will be notified that it is under review for us to quote you on how much it will cost to create your amazing imaginative tranformation!

  • Review Time

    How long does the review process take?

    Typically, you will hear from us within 24 hours, but this could take longer during peak periods.  Fret not though!  We will always try and get back to you as soon as possible.  We are just as eager to create your transformation as you are eager to see what it will look like!

  • Quote

    How much does a transformation normally cost?

    Typically, this depends on the complexity of the artwork.  Simple transformations will begin at $30 USD, while transformations that need a bit more time and attention will cost a bit more.  Don't worry though.  Our pricing model is pretty fair.  We strive to achieve balance between what you spend, our time as well as the value for what you spend for the transformation.


3. Deliverables

What to expect

Well, our mantra is based on the ability to transform art from children, while maintaining its innate "cuteness" and "childlike-drawing" characteristics.  This means that the finished product may end up with a few squiggly lines, solid colors, suggestions of gradients, highlights & shading, and in some cases, full blown scenes where we imagine what your child was trying to achieve and just complete it via the transformation!! 🙂

  • How long a transformation takes

    How quickly does this whole process take?

    This is dependent on the current work load, and the complexity of the art work.  This will be communicated to you during the review & quoting process.  This could range from 24 hours to 72 hours and in some extreme cases, a week.

  • What you receive

    What can I expect to receive?

    You will receive a link containing the transformation of the artwork in a folder.  This folder will have the completed work, along with elements extracted from the completed work.  In other words, if the completed work had a cat, a lion, a monkey and a tree with, you will receive the full transformation, along with the cat, lion, monkey and the tree as individual images.


4. Next Steps

Possibilities are endless!

You can use your art on pretty much anything!   Shirts, Mugs, Bags, Shoes, Canvas, and much more!  Just look at this and notice the look on one of our young fledgling kid-artists, when she saw her art on a shirt for the first time, and also with her describing her art which she created in a few minutes!!

  • Marketplace Listing

    So there is a marketplace. Tell me more about this.

    Well, this is where things get exciting!  We want Stophy to be the first marketplace dedicated for empowering children all over the world to not only see their art as more than pencils and crayons on paper, but also for them to be owners of digital assets that can be tradable in several forms, inclusive of merchandise items, such as hats, bags, mugs, bedsheets, cell phone & laptop covers, and much more!  If you would like your childs art listed in our marketplace section, contact us and we'll let you know the next steps to take to get this done!


5. Legal Stuff!

So you guys did this work but who owns the art work?

Awesome question!  Simple answer to this is: Your child remains as the Copyright owner of the original work, as well as the finished work by us, with your supervision until the child is 18 years old! We transform art based on artwork from your child.  You've paid for the transformation outright and with that, you child owns it to be able to do whatever he/she wants to do with it, with permission and consent from you, of course. 

  • Gallery & portfolio Postings

    So how do you feature artwork on Stophy?

    We only feature artwork once permission is provided by you via any communication medium provided on


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