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What's all this "Stoph" about?

It's all about transforming imagination of children

When we were children, most of us could draw before we could write.  Our imagination was limitless.  Stick figures told full blown stories.  Nothing complicated like color theory, perfect lines, coloring within the lines, yadi yada yada.  Nope!  We drew, and thought we had produced masterpieces, hence why we would often take our pieces to family members, friends, teachers and say "HEY!! look what I drew!!", to which we would get affirmations of words we yearned to hear; "good job".  Sometimes, those ended up on a desk, on a wall, but it won't be farfetched to say that a lot ended up in the garbage!  No big deal.  We kept creating nonetheless, till we became "distracted" by whatever it is that somehow does not foster continued development of this amazing creativity as we develop as children.

All we want to do is for children all over the world to be able to tangibly visualize their art as being more than pencils and crayons on paper by virtue of a digital transformation. If you have taken a look at our gallery so far, you'll understand just how amazing this transformation can be.  Better yet, you can take a look at the reaction of one of our young artists when she saw her art on a shirt for the first time!! You see, the possibilities are endless!  Lots of amazing "stoph" is already taking place right on here.  Can you imagine now, the reality of our children being able rock their own creations of art on bags, clothing, canvas, bottles, blankets, and sooooo much more!!  

Now that you "get it", you should start by finding some piece of art you know would look amazing as a stophy transformation, sign up and let us do the rest!!  We cant wait to see what happens next! 🙂

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